World cocktail day: the lavender cocktail edit

If you’re looking for a summery cocktail with a delicious twist, then lavender is the trendy – and super tasty – ingredient that’s sure to get everyone coming back for one more sip.

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A glass of lavender lemonade on a peach coloured background with a red and white paper straw

Lavender recipes: Homemade lavender lemonade

Summer is fast approaching and there’s no better way to cool down and quench your thirst than a homemade lavender…

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A lavender seedling in a black plastic flower pot, on a wooden garden table

Can Lavender make you rich?

Thanks to one of our lovely customers, Emily (who sent us an article about lavender and feng shui), we’ve discovered…

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lavender soap made with local laver seaweed, displayed boxed and unboxed on a wooden table with lavender

Ingredient spotlight: the wonder of laver seaweed, porphyra umbilicalis

Laver seaweed, or porphyra umbilicalis, is a beautiful ingredient with amazing skin-boosting properties. It’s harvested locally on Gower, so it was an obvious choice for us to use in our handmade lavender soaps.

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A white bowl filled with tomato, fennel and lavender soup, shown swirled with cream and with spoon resting in it

Lavender recipes: Springtime lavender, fennel and tomato soup

We’ve given tomato soup a springtime makeover in our latest instalment of our lavender recipes series. Lavender is a key…

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Spikes of lavender flowers in a sunny garden with a blue sky behind them

Lavender care: top tips for planting lavender in my garden

Lavender might be a Mediterranean plant, but it grows readily in many climates, including our rather rainy island of Great…

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Where can I buy Gower Lavender products? Our stockists

A full list of where to find stockists of Gower Lavender’s soaps, pillow sprays, hand creams, gifts and more

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A chocolate cake with buttercream icing, decorated with a sprig of lavender

Lavender recipes: Chocolate and lavender Easter cake

Have you ever tried lavender in chocolate? If so you’ll know that the two flavours make a great combination together…

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Cupcakes iced with purple lavender icing

Lavender recipes: Lavender and banana cupcakes

Lavender goes beautifully in cakes, but you might not expect it to blend with banana. Rest assured it’s a delicious…

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orange and lavender bread and butter pudding, served in a rectangular oven dish decorated with slices of orange

Lavender recipes: Bake this delicious Lavender, vanilla and orange bread...

Try this delicious twist on a traditional bread and butter pudding, with added lavender and orange

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