Want to visit Gower's lavender fields? Here's what you need to know


A chocolate cake with buttercream icing, decorated with a sprig of lavender

Lavender recipes: Chocolate and lavender Easter cake

Have you ever tried lavender in chocolate? If so you’ll know that the two flavours make a great combination together…

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Cupcakes iced with purple lavender icing

Lavender recipes: Lavender and banana cupcakes

Lavender goes beautifully in cakes, but you might not expect it to blend with banana. Rest assured it’s a delicious…

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orange and lavender bread and butter pudding, served in a rectangular oven dish decorated with slices of orange

Lavender recipes: Bake this delicious Lavender, vanilla and orange bread...

Try this delicious twist on a traditional bread and butter pudding, with added lavender and orange

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A pink cocktail in a stemmed glass with ice, on a marble table top, with dried lavender in the background

Lavender cocktails: Gower Lavender lemony gin fizz

If you’ve got a party on the horizon, then brace yourself for a lavender cocktail that’s sure to wow. Our…

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A glass mug with a chamomile tea infuser, on a table top with a bottle of Gower Lavender syrup and some dried chamomile flowers, with the sunshine making patterns on the table through the mug of tea

Lavender recipes: Relax with a lavender chamomile tea

Everybody knows lavender is great for helping you sleep, while chamomile tea is also a known remedy for insomnia. So…

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A slice of lavender rose traybake cake served on a white plate with a silver fork

Lavender recipes: Valentine’s Day lavender and rose tray bake

What could be more romantic than baking your valentine a cake? For the latest in our series of lavender recipes…

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Three glass jars of different sizes containing beeswax lavender candles, each one lit, displayed on a white tabletop with a bunch of dried lavender

Lavender crafts: Make your own lavender candles

If you love the smell of lavender as much as I do, this easy craft activity is for you. Home-made…

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A stack of lavender pancakes on a dark grey plate, topped with sugared cream and blueberries

Lavender recipes: Lavender pancakes for a pancake day treat

This year seems to be going by in a blur – how is it already pancake day? But somehow it…

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a bed with rumpled white sheets and a book left open on the duvet

Lavender for wellbeing: using lavender for sleep

Using lavender for sleep is a tried and tested method. Lavender has been well-documented as a natural aid for sleep…

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A white painted shop with a sign reading Shepherds, with a man and woman standing outside the door

Friends of Gower Lavender: Shepherds, Parkmill

Continuing our series in which we meet our favourite Gower businesses, allow us to introduce Carla Humphreys and Luke Borrelli…

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