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Bloom & Bones is a collaboration between two Swansea poets, our founder Rae Howells, and Mayals poet Jean James. The book has colour at its heart, using words rather than paint to capture the shades of twenty very different stories. From Georgia O’Keeffe to a murderer on the run, from a lonely woman in an insane asylum to goldfinches visiting an expectant mother, and from a plague of ladybirds to a meteoroid tracking through space, these poems take the reader on a rainbow journey through time, space and place.


The pamphlet is inspired by the bestselling book The Secret Lives of Colour, and works through the ten family colours set out in its pages, beginning with white, through yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, blue, green, and brown, concluding with a dark full stop at black.

Copies are signed by both authors, but just let us know if you’d like us to add a dedication too.


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